Join us for a taste of peace and quiet, nature’s beauty and a simpler life.

The Farm of Peace is a 150-acre farm in the gently rolling hills of south-central Pennsylvania, only two hours’ drive from Washington, D.C. and Baltimore.

We are a working farm, a retreat and healing center, and a spiritual community. The Farm of Peace offers Sufi spiritual retreats and personal growth workshops throughout the year. Those who just want to enjoy a few days in the country are welcome here, too, through our farm vacation program.

If you are looking for fresh local food, our organic CSA garden offers delivery of harvest shares through the season, and our flock of Tunis sheep provide us with seasonal offerings of halal lamb.

We welcome visitors from all over the country and the world to experience the peace we have found here

CSA Garden

The Farm of Peace is home to our  Community Supported Agriculture garden that has served nourishment and love to families for close to fifteen years now. Visit our CSA page to learn more.

Wellness Weekends & More

Healing is at the root of our work here at the Farm of Peace. Our healing programs support our clients to find balance, connection, and peace. Join us for our upcoming events.

Sufi School & Programs

From our Annual Sufi School East retreat, to our community Ramadan program, our sacred Zawiyyah Retreats and our daily Sufi nourishment practices, read more about Sufism and how it can be a source of healing and awakening for you.

Humanitarian Programs

Caring for hearts without distinction or prejudice is very important to us here at the Farm of Peace. From the programs we do here, to the charity we give and our generous community of volunteers, we are woven together in our longing to serve humanity.

Week of Events

Zawiyah Retreat

Zawiyah Retreat

Stay Connected

Whether you are interested in learning more about the Farm of Peace, or receiving the latest news about our local and regional programs, Sufi School East, updates on registering for the CSA or just knowing about upcoming community events, we look forward to keeping you informed!

The Farm of Peace was featured in the National Geographic:
“How Muslims, Often Misunderstood, Are Thriving in America.

The Farm of Peace was featured in the National Geographic:
“How Muslims, Often Misunderstood, Are Thriving in America.

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