Zawiyah Registration

The zawiyah spiritual retreat is a holy opportunity to walk closer to God. Zawiyah teachers guide students to move beyond the patterns and beliefs that keep their hearts from knowing God’s love. Through traditional Sufi practices such as remembrance, prayer, and writing the stations and other of Sidi’s writings, participants can experience their hearts turning to face only God.

“I received a new understanding of what my next steps are in my walking and a deeper anchoring to God in my heart.”   Recent zawiyah participant

The Farm of Peace offers a peaceful setting in which new students can grow more familiar with the practices and prayers of the Sufi way and in which more experienced students can deepen their walking to God. Extended zawiyah at the Farm of Peace can also greatly benefit anyone yearning for physical or emotional healing.

“In my zawiyah retreat, I experienced more surrender and received more of God’s light.”  M.D. 

Participants are held and guided through the walking of the 28 stations to taste the unity of God’s love.  The program includes two daily group meetings and Sufi chanting practice; group prayer; personal guidance with the teacher; an opportunity to learn from the teachings of our guide, Sidi al-Jamal; and an evening gathering with Sufi practices. ~


Prior to completing this form please go to and fill out the liability waiver and emergency contact form. 

*Shuttle fees are to be handled between driver and guest. Drivers are independent contractors and Farm of Peace is in no way liable for charges, accidents or injury that may occur at any time guests are off of the farm property.
Price: $ 1,200.00
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