Youth Programs

Here at the Farm of Peace, we believe children are not just our future, they are the present.

We strive to provide an environment that nurtures a child’s fitrah ( their innate goodness and wisdom) and inshallah hope to develop a community of young people embedded in and able to spread Allah’s peace, love, mercy, and justice.

We have various events throughout the year for children and teens.

We host school programs for 2-3 day camping trips. During this time they get to learn, worship, play, and enjoy the peace and beauty of the Farm. We do planting and harvesting in our organic garden, learn about conservation of both land and watersheds, and even go star gazing with a local astronomer on the Farm.

We also host a free child and teen program during Sufi School East in which the kids get to paint, sing, explore the farm, and play lots of games. Furthermore, there is a teen fellowship for local teenagers to commune and share and have fun together.

For more information about our youth programs or any of our events please consult our calendar.

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