Wellness Getaway

This popular program, offered once a month at the beautiful IPC retreat center or via Zoom, begins on a Friday at 2 p.m. and continues through Saturday at 4 p.m. Space is limited and if held onsite, the rooms fill quickly – please see the calendar for upcoming dates.

Our program offers sessions of various modalities which include individual or community Acupuncture; Conflict Coaching and Reconciliation; Couples and Family Counseling; Cupping; Lymphatic Drainage; Massage; Spiritual Healing; Stretching/Yoga classes; Sufi practices and Writing from the Heart.

When held onsite, the schedule  begins Friday with check in at the Retreat Center, where overnight accommodations include comfortable single or double rooms. An afternoon of your previously scheduled sessions follows.

Dinner is served on Friday at 6:30 p.m. Enjoy a group teaching in the evening, and then spend the night at the IPC retreat center.

Saturday mornings begin with yoga or a stretching class, followed by breakfast, a meditative practice (wird), and a group teaching session on Writing from the Heart. Lunch at 1 p.m. is followed by a final group healing.

The schedule both Friday and Saturday allows time to relax, integrate, walk and enjoy the peace and rural beauty of the Farm and the surrounding forests. This affordable program is open to all.

Healing sessions typically take an hour for individuals or up to two hours for couples or groups, and are reserved by phone at the time of registration. 


Healing sessions are paid by heart donation to your practitioner at the time of treatment. (Some modalities may have a minimum donation amount.) Those who are unable to pay are invited to volunteer time, talent or skill towards a Farm of Peace project.

Lodging is by heart donation ($30 – $60 per person, recommended range). Please give as your heart guides you.


Please call the Farm of Peace main office for Information and to register for the Wellness Center Programs, at 717.573.4722.


The Wellness Center also offers certain sessions at the International Peace Center every Friday afternoon.

Thank you so much for the love, support, healing, care, and sincerity I received during my healing intensive. I feel so much gratitude that there are healers like you out there helping people to find their way back to health through love, mercy, and peace. Bless you all with much gratitude and love.

Acupuncture promotes natural healing. It can enhance recuperative power and immunity, support physical and emotional health, and improve overall function and well-being. It is a safe, painless and effective way to treat a wide variety of medical issues.

The lymph system is crucial to our immune system and its ability to ward off disease. Throughout our lives our bodies pick up viruses, bacteria, environmental toxins, and food pesticides, among other things, causing poor health and sluggishness. LDT helps remove these bad actors, cleaning the body and allowing for improved health and often a lighter outlook on life. This state-of-the-art electro-sound lymphatic drainage technology decongests the lymph system and stimulates lymph flow painlessly and effortlessly in a gentle and soothing manner increasing vibrancy, good health, and mental clarity.

Cupping is truly a healing that leaves no sickness behind. It was prescribed by the Prophet Muhammad (alayhi salaam) who described it as “the best of remedies,” shares a practitioner. “I invite you to say ‘yes’ to this holy healing.”

To close out the Wellness Getaway, participants are led through a guided Group Healing. It is a lovely opportunity to join with others in a supportive atmosphere, explore our spiritual journey and perform a prayerful meditation designed to bring us closer to our Lord.

Sessions are for individuals, couples, families, friends, co-workers or groups who are willing to work through issues or patterns that are creating conflict, stress or separation between them. The goal is to create a renewed sense of connection, understanding, trust or love, or to redefine the relationship as may be needed. They provide support and coaching as needed to open up communication and deepen connection, allowing for authentic, mutually empowering and appreciative relationships.

Spiritual healing is an introspective and collaborative journey. Together, the practitioner and their client identify the source of challenges and, through meditative prayer, the heart is healed and the soul is uplifted.

Spiritual healing and counselling is for anyone experiencing stress, health issues or relationship problems, or anyone seeking to improve wellness, live a more fulfilling life, or deepen their connection with the Divine. This process is complementary to standard medical approaches to healing and is supportive of efforts to adopt more healthy lifestyles, or to recover from trauma, conflict or crises.

Combining spiritual healing with bodywork allows both the physical body stresses and the underlying spiritual, emotional and energetic causes to be addressed at the same time. Connecting first to a higher source, to God, and then energetically to the client’s heart, releases the pain of the physical body, emotional heart, and deep soul. Often certain beliefs or “stories” are causing the underlying discomfort. Examples of emotional beliefs could be: “I’m not good enough” or “I’m all alone in this world” or “I have to do it all myself”. Examples of deeper soul stories could be: “God doesn’t love me”; “God has forgotten about me” or anger at God for your life.

To address these, silent recitation of healing qualities such as love, peace, compassion, mercy, forgiveness, or strength may be made, as well as specific prayers, examples of which could be: for health, light, forgiveness or against pain or darkness, or other prayers as needed.

Writing From the Heart is a tool of self-discovery and self-knowledge and a doorway to a deeper understanding of who you are. The practitioner’s deepest desire is to help you open to the beauty and love you carry inside your own heart so that you may live in the fullness of the life God intended for you.

This practice is based on the Baptiste vinyasa style of yoga and grounded in basic Sufi teachings, prayers, and chants but losing none of the Vedic wisdom which underlies yoga in all its forms. The intensity of the practice varies with the needs of the students.

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