Salima Healing Seminar

This three-day program led by Salima Adelstein is open to anyone who would like to combine their Sufi walking and Sufi healing sessions while being held in the vessel of a spiritual retreat. In the seclusion and sacredness of the Farm of Peace, you have the opportunity to walk deeper and increase your reliance on God.

You will receive an initial assessment and up to three healing sessions with Salima. She will also assign specific body-work sessions such as massage, acupuncture, facials, and cranial sacral work to complement your inner healing process. The program includes three nourishing homemade meals per day, tailored to your individual needs, and accommodations in our retreat center.

You will have two daily check-ins with Salima or other teachers, with teachings designed to deepen your heart’s journey to turn to God. During the day you will read, write, and Remember, and will be held in the love and peace of the Farm and its caretakers. At the end of your seminar, Salima will give a final assessment and recommend further steps for continued healing.

This personalized seminar program heals and nourishes your body, mind, and heart as you allow yourself to become the new creation that God wants to make for you. If you are ready for a giant step in your healing and in your walking to God, this program can be the doorway to your transformation.

For more information or to book a healing seminar, please email Salima Adelstein at

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