The Reality of Imagination

Online Course

Please join us for a free introductory talk for the course on Monday February 10th at 7pm. Please use the following link at the time of the talk. You will need to download zoom to your device if you haven’t used zoom  before.

The course will formally begin later this spring, exact dates to be announced.

Abd al-Qadir Davies will be leading biweekly online discussions presented by the Farm of Peace on this transformative book by our beloved guide, which opens the door to the world of the soul, the Jabarut. “Allah made imagination a commonality between all people of all religions, nations and ethnicities because imagination is an intermediary (barzakh) between the spirit and the body.”  – from The Reality of Imagination, Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal ar-Rifa’i Ash-Shadhuliyyah

This is not an entry-level text. It is highly recommended to have read and studied some of Sidi’s books, including Music of the Soul and He Who Knows Himself Knows His Lord, and to be engaged in related spiritual practices, to benefit most from the discussions and application of the material covered. Biweekly sessions will meet on Mondays from 6 to 7:30pm ET.  An introduction talk will take place on February 10th.  The start date will then be determined based on responses from the community.  These will be held every two weeks, adjusting for USHS school sessions or other major events or holidays impacting participants. We will read (and insha’llah write) each section sequentially in advance, in preparation for each webinar.


  • Free Introduction to Class on Feb 10th (will be recorded)
  • *Update:  Start dates for class will be determined based upon responses
  • Frequency:  Every two weeks
  • Payment is by heart donation (recommended range is $5 to $50 per session).
  • Register: call 717-573-4722 or email

We request payments in advance for 6 sessions at a time and at the rate you choose. It is expected we will take about 25-30 sessions to complete the book, depending on the needs of the group. The webinars will be held via Zoom – details for linking to them will be provided on registration. And they will be recorded in case you miss an occasional session.

“The class has been remarkably fruitful. Your steady and patient invitation for each of us to explore the imaginal realm has been a real boon for me. One drop at a time, the clarification of Sidi’s teachings greatly impacted my prayers/practice/life – with openings that I’ve resisted for a long time – Alhamdulillah.” (SM)

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