The Reality of Gnosis (Haqiqat al-Ma‘rifah)

By Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal ar-Rifa‘i Ash-Shadhdhuliyyah 

An online class offered by the Farm of Peace


Abd al-Qadir Davies, faculty member at the University of Sufism (UoS), will be leading weekly online discussions presented on this transformative book by our beloved guide, which opens the door to the higher worlds of the soul and secret. 

“All existing entities are ranks of your being related to you. Nothing manifests to you except that which is in you and from you… Give each… entity its proper favor out of love because from that comes what perfects you… Each entity has meaning for you… it is from you and for you… The more you are able to witness perfection the more you arrive at your own perfection… You are His eye because you are the manifestation of His existence. So understand!” – from The Reality of Gnosis (pages 24-26)

This is a powerful book, opening for us access to the realities of divine unity, the fulfillment both of our spiritual walking and of our everyday connections with those around us. It is not an entry-level text, so it is recommended to have read some of Sidi’s books (e.g., Music of the Soul or The Reality of Imagination – see or and to be engaged in related practices, to benefit most from the discussions and practical application of the material covered.

Sessions will meet on Mondays from 6:00 to 7:30pm EST starting on November 14th 2022 for as long as it takes the group to complete the book. These will be held every week (or two, allowing for UoS or related class sessions, or other major events or holidays impacting participants). We will read (and insha’llah write) each section sequentially in advance, in preparation for each webinar.

Payment is by donation to the non-profit Farm of Peace, according to your heart’s guidance, within the range from $24 to $50 per session. Those paying at a higher rate will be allowing us to include others not able to pay at the lower rate: our goal is that no-one will be turned away for financial reasons.

 An initial deposit, payable with registration in advance of the first class, is $144-$300, covering the first six classes at a rate affordable for you. It is expected we will take about 30 class sessions to complete the book, depending on the needs and preferences of the group. 

The webinars will be held via zoom – details for linking to them will be provided on registration. They will be recorded (for use of participants only) in case you have to miss an occasional session. 

“The class has been remarkably fruitful. Your steady and patient invitation for each of us to explore the imaginal realm has been a real boon for me. One drop at a time, the clarification of Sidi’s teachings greatly impacted my prayers/practice/life – with openings that I’ve resisted for a long time – Alhamdulillah.” (Reality of Imagination student SM)

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