During Ramadan at the Farm of Peace, the community comes together in worship of Allah. Here at the Farm, we use every opportunity: prayer, dhikr, Quran reading, food preparation, mealtime, and clean up, to draw closer to Allah and thus come closer to each other. For thirty days we eat together, pray together, and worship together.

The Prophet Muhammad, alayhi salata salaam, said that Ramadan is broken into three parts: one for mercy, one for forgiveness and one for freedom from the hellfire. We invite master teachers, both local and throughout the tariqa (community), to teach on these themes each day for a few hours. During Ramadan, the teachings focus on Hadith, Quran, and Sidi’s teachings. They are free to all.

Some of our teachers who share during this sacred month are, Salima Adelstein, our Spiritual Director, who has shared Sufi stories and taught from the Path of a Sufi, one of Sidi’s newest books. It serves to help us understand the Mercy and deeper meanings in his teachings. Another Master teacher, Sister Jeanette, has explored the Quran’s teachings on forgiveness and helped break down the Arabic meaning and deeper secrets in Fatiha and other Quranic passages. Dr. Abdul Haqq Godlas has lifted our hearts to heaven with the transmission of Perfect Mercy and Truth that we can experience by letting a single drop of gratitude transform our hearts and bring us face to Face with the Beloved NOW!

Around 6:00 pm every day we gather to read the Quran together (we read one 30th or one juz a day) and we then reflect on what we have read. Through the discussion about what touched our hearts or what questions the Quran reading brings up, we grow together in knowledge of Allah’s holy word and it becomes more embedded within our beings.

Next, we do a group remembrance or Al-Wird, together and let our souls be nourished by the beautiful lights of Ramadan. Then the Imam calls Maghreb prayer and just like that the day of fasting is done! Thus the last couple hours of fasting, which can be the hardest part of the day, are eased by the richness of the Quran reading and discussion, the beauty of the dhikr, and the companionship of the Beloveds.

Following prayer, we break fast together enjoying the blessings that come from the delicious organic halal food made by each of the Beloveds, potluck style, to share with the group. It is a time of fellowship laughter and community support.

After, the community cleans up the meal together and then we gather again to do Isha prayer and to pray tarawih prayer together. During this time our hearts get a chance to drink again from the pure angelic light Allah so generously pours down during this holy month of Ramadan nourishing our body, hearts, and souls.

All are welcome to join any of these FREE activities during Ramadan.

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