As alaykum beloveds,

For the first time in two years, our beloved Farm of Peace will be open during the Holy month of Ramadan to receive you, your family, and you heart in-person and remotely.

This year, however, requires a balance between connecting as a community, embracing the beauty of this month, and protecting our health.  With this in mind, we welcome you for a Ramadan at the Farm that is a little different than you are used to.

Here is what remains the same as previous years:

  • Daily teachings, live and via zoom at 2pm
  • Community Juz reading at 6pm
  • Tarawih prayers (in-person only)
  • Please note the complete remote and in-person schedule below.

Here are some changes that have been made for Ramadan at the IPC:

  • The IPC will be limited to 25 guests at a time
  • We can only host 6 overnight guests at a time
  • All visits must be pre arranged prior to arrival by contact office
  • Note our COVID information below for requirements and details
  • If you want to attend iftar at the IPC, you must reserve your daily space by contacting the office (yes, this included your children)
  • Our online registration is for the remote portions of our Ramadan programs; all registration for an in-person visit needs to be completed through the office. 

Here is some information for locals:

  • Due to the maximum capacity limits, you and your children must also register each day to attend Ramadan events at the IPC – including iftar
  • Please plan to space out your visits to the IPC s that beloveds  who live in other areas can also experience the nourishment of this month in community

COVID policies:

  • Our staff will be taking temperatures each day
  • Please plan to wear a mask at all times while in the building
  • All overnight guests must provide a negative PCR Covid test taken within three days of their arrival. Vaccinated guests must provide proof of all doses.

Important reminders:

  • Please note that you may no receiver the date that you requests beyond your first visit
  • Try to plan to visit during the week, as the weekends will fill up rather quickly
  • In order to ensure that as many beloveds have an opportunity to visit as as possible, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to be at the farm more than two times during the month
  • We ask all guests to be considerate of others in their length of stay, given the limited capacity imposed by safety considerations. Therefore the maximum number of overnight stays for each guest is 5 nights. Exceptions to this policy can be made, bases on individual circumstances and availability

We love you. We miss you. We are grateful for your presence. We thank you for your cooperation.

Peace and blessings,

The Farm of Peace Programs Committee

Please review the following documents:

Online Daily Schedule: all times are EDT

9:30 am Al-wird

 10:30 am Quran reading in Arabic with Radiyya Atarodian

2:00pm Teaching on the 10 day themes of Mercy, Forgiveness, and
Freedom with Salima Adelstein, Imam Abdul Karim, Abd al Qadr Davies, Abdullah Fulmer, and more.

1:30pm Fridays: Jum’ah is held in lieu of the 2 pm class that day.

5:00pm Al-wird

6:00pm Quran reading in English, discussion leading into the Recitation of Divine Names


Remote Ramadan Registration Via Zoom

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