As salaam alaykum beloveds,
We send our greetings to you as the holy month of Ramadan is approaching. We invite all beloveds to join the Farm of Peace in a month of remote gathering for teachings, al-wird practice, and Qur’an recitation. While we can’t be together in person, we invite you to drink deeply from this holy time from your homes and to take your chance to be with your Beloved Allah.
We expect Ramadan to begin at sundown on the night of Thursday April 23rd inshallah, with the first Tarawih prayers that night, followed by the first day of fasting on Friday April 24th. We will be awaiting confirmation from Jerusalem on the moon sighting.
From our beloved Guide:
This holy month is very, very special. Every moment is a deep prayer for you — when you sleep, when you eat, when you walk.
It is a time for deep praying, from beginning to end. So open your heart. Open your heart completely and be in the deep sincerity and trust Allah. 

Daily Online Schedule:

9:30am Al-Wird
1:00pm A Short Teaching from the Farm
  • April 23- May 2: Abdul Qadr Davies on Mercy
  • May 3-12: Salima Adelstein on Forgiveness
  • May 13-23: Abdul Karim Pinckney and select others on Freedom
1:30pm Dhuhr Prayer on your own
2:00pm Ramdan teaching on the national SSC zoom line (topics and teachers vary)
5:00pm Al-Wird
5:30pm Asr Prayer on your own
6:00pm Qur’an Reading From the Farm in English with Discussion, Questions and Short Teaching on the Juz of the day led by the Farm teacher of that 10 day period
7:30pm Free to Prep for Iftar
8:00pm Break-fast and Maghrib
8:15pm Iftar gathering on national SSC zoom line
9:30pm Isha and Tariwih prayers on your own

Fridays will also include Jumah khutbah from the Farm at 1:30pm over the phone followed by Dhuhr prayer on your own

All times shown are in Eastern Time Zone

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Tarawih Prayers
Beloveds are encouraged to pray Tarawih prayers on your own at home. In This Linked Document, please find:
  • A list of the benefits of doing Tarawih prayers
  • The Tarawih prayer itself (does not reflect the format of tarawih
prayers -number of rakats, etc- but is the prayer said specifically
  • Dua’as for each of the 10 day sets of Ramadan
  • Suher and Iftar prayers
For those new to the prayer, Said bin Yunus will be giving instructions on how to perform the Tarawih prayers at 1pm Eastern time on Thursday April 23rd and again at 1pm on Friday April 24th at This Link

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