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Spring/Summer Shares are SOLD OUT.

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Fall 2020 Shares are available

We are delivering on Saturday this year, except for Berkeley Springs,
which is Sunday at the farmer’s market.

  • Deliveries to begin mid-late May for weekly shares and a week later for biweekly shares.
  • Start date may change depending on growing conditions in the spring.
    We will confirm a week or so ahead of time, the date share deliveries will actually start.
  • No deliveries July 4 or the week before Labor Day.
  • Customize your share (same as last year): the harvest list comes out in our weekly newsletter. Just let us know if there is something you don't want, and/or choose extra items from our free extras list.
  • Vacation make-ups - Let us know ahead if you will be away, and we can give you a make-up share at a later date (biweekly and 16-week shares) or double up another week (24-week shares).
  • Pick up your share at the farm or a drop point (sorry, no home delivery).
  • Shares are left in coolers and can be picked up any time that day or the next, but we recommend picking up promptly for freshness.
  • Specific drop-off times and address for each location are sent out before deliveries start.
  • Gift shares and donated shares available. (We also donate surplus produce on a regular basis.)

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CSA Enrollment

We will attempt to notify you on delivery, if nothing is selected here.
(You can only designate one type of share at a time; to buy one for yourself AND a donation, please submit the form twice and indicate in comments which is which).
SILVER SPRING and CHEVY CHASE DC are SOLD OUT for spring-summer. Check back in August for Fall shares.
We will contact you to schedule the remaining payments.

Select your share size and duration from the options below:

Share sizes are for average consumption. If you are vegetarian or juice a lot, you might need double.

  • Full share: a full bag every week, for 3-4 people
  • Biweekly Share: a full bag every other week, for 1-2 people, starting June 6
  • Small Share: About half a bag every week, for 1-2 people.

Questions? Need a custom quote for dates other our standard shares? Email, text or call us - csa @ or (240) 498-2949.

16-Week Spring-Summer CSA (late May through September)

  • Spring is heavier on greens and roots, summer items come in mid-late July
  • We will let you know exact start date
  • No delivery July 4 or on Labor Day weekend
  • Biweeklies get 8 deliveries during this period

24-Week CSA, Spring-Summer-Fall (late May through November)

  • All your spring and summer favorites, plus sweet potatoes, winter squash and fall greens & roots
  • No delivery July 4 or Labor Day weekend
  • Biweeklies get 12 deliveries during this period
Sorry - SMALL shares are sold out. Note: Biweekly shares get a bag every other week, with 12 deliveries in this period.
$ 0.00
I understand that as a CSA member, I am sharing the rewards and risks along with the farmer. Unseasonable weather and other problems may affect how much of a given item can be delivered. There are no refunds, as the money goes to pay for materials and time to plant, maintain and harvest the garden for the season. (Partial refunds may be given if you move out of the area or other exceptional circumstances.) I understand that the Farm cannot save or store my weekly delivery and I am responsible to pick it up the same day or arrange for a friend to get my share; any shares not picked up will be distributed to a needy person unless I contact the CSA to make arrangements.
If paying by check, you can close the payment screen that appears once you press the submit button.
$ 0.00
Thank you and all of our friends at the Farm of Peace for such a wonderful summer with the CSA. I have learned so much, I think we have eaten much better and I know we have a better understanding of what's really important in our times.
Mike & Spencer
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