IPC Guest Guidelines

We are excited to host you at this green and beautiful building. By choosing to stay in this building, you agree to follow the following Guest Guidelines: 


  • If you are not vaccinated against COVID, you are required to wear a mask in common areas when not eating/drinking. 
  • When entering the IPC we ask everyone to remove their shoes and leave them in the designated area, out of the way of the door. 
  • When you are done with your cups, and/or cooking please rinse your dishes before loading them into the dishwasher without tape on it. 
  • There is no smoking, pork, alcohol, drugs allowed in the building or on the grounds of our property. 
  • Please make sure all hall and kitchen lights are turned off before going to bed.
  • Please do not adjust the thermostat temperature without coordinating with the building caretaker. 
  • Please take care to recycle items and reduce waste and reuse whenever possible. 
  • Quiet hours are from 11pm to 4 am. 

Dome Room 

  • Only water and tea are allowed in the dome room in a closed container. Please do not bring coffee, food or snack items under any circumstances. 

Kitchen/ Dining Room 

  • If you are here for Farm Stay, you are responsible for cleaning after using the kitchen and dining area each time. 
  • Please rinse the dishes before you place them in the dishwasher 
  • Please sweep or vacuum kitchen and dining room in the evening 
  • Please dump any compostable items and bones in the compost bucket.
  • Please use recycle bins in front of the fridge for recyclable trash.
  • Use citro slov to clean countertop 


  • Please do not open or crack the windows while the AC is running.
  • Please do not sit or put heavy items on the window ledges since they are very fragile and not designed for bearing load.
  • Before checking out please take all the sheets, pillow cases, and towels and put them in one pillow case.
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