Fatiha and Fiqh, Online

Presented by Abdul Karim Pinckney

  • Free Introductory Taster Begins Sunday, the 9th of February, 2020 at 2pm Eastern Standard Time
  • To join Introductory taster please use this zoom link (you will need to download zoom onto your device if you have never used it before) 
  • Exact Dates TBD- Class will include 7 Online sessions – every Sunday at 2 PM ET, for 60 minutes.
  • Cost: $175 (Partial scholarships available; no one will be turned away for financial reasons)
  • To register, apply for a scholarship, or obtain more information, contact the Farm of Peace at, Info@FarmofPeace.com

This class will help you to:

1. Have a deeper understanding of the Fatiha
2. Grasp some of the many virtues of the Fatiha
3. Correctly pronounce this sacred prayer
4. Understand the basic jurisprudence of Ritual Purity
5. Know the classifications of Wudu
The Presenter: Abdul Karim Pinckney

Abdul Karim Pinckney was born and raised in The Bronx, NY, and  converted to Islam in 1999. He was a student at Zaytuna Institute in Hayward, CA, for five years where he studied Maliki fiqh. He took bayyah with Sidi in 2009. He was also was an assistant to Imam Musa Abdul Ali in Mt. Vernon, NY, at Masjid Yusuf Shah from 2012-2015. Currently he is the Imam at the Farm of Peace where his duties include giving classes, assisting events, and giving Friday sermons.  He has a yearning for helping beloveds come to know their Lord with clarity through revelation and reason, in the hope of reaching direct experience, with the result of an increase in love of God.

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