Here are the financials regarding the monetary cost of holding the dialogue training program in July.

Maria & David are asking for $1,600-$2,100 to cover their room and board

The cost to run the IPC for 12 days comes to $1,952

 Minimum meals expense proposed would be to provide lunch for everyone during the 9 days of training – $1,296 To provide more meals than just lunch would be a blessing

So, the total cost of this training is, at minimum, $5,348

There are also a few who would like to take this training who are part of one or more FoP circles who do not live nearby. We do not feel it is fair to these beloveds to be expected to pay for the expense of room and board for a significant amount of time when the rest of us are blessed to live close to the farm. If we consider $30 each way for gas + $65 per night for 12 nights this comes to $3,192. This is per person and does not include their meals.

Those present for the sustainability circle meeting on Friday agreed that this offering is worth more than it costs us and would like to turn this into an opportunity for our community to come together and give in whatever way they can in order to offset the expenses.

The following form will take you through the registration process for training but will also look deeply into what your personal needs may be as well as offering a wide range of opportunities to give in the way your heart desires. Whether you need help with travel expenses or wish to host several meals, there is something there for you.

If we can gather everyone’s responses quickly we will have a better idea of what we have and/or need from that point

Together we can create a container that is bubbling over with love before we ever step foot into the building.

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