Community-Supported Agriculture

What Is a CSA?

CSA stands for “community-supported agriculture.” A CSA is a community of members who support a farm, with the farmer and the members providing mutual support and sharing the risks and benefits of food production.

Is it a real CSA? See this fun info-graphic!

How it works: Members generally buy their shares in advance, which helps cover the farmer’s costs of seeds, soil amendments, labor, etc., which all begin long before the harvest is ready. In return, once a week the members get a share of that week’s harvest (or every other week, with our biweekly shares). You can feel good that 100 percent of the food dollar goes straight to the farm, instead to middle-men.  And, our food typically reaches your table within 24 hours of harvest, rather than sitting in a warehouse for weeks. 

Your share purchase allows us to employ and educate  interns, as well as continue to build the soil and improve our garden.

Joining a CSA is wonderful way to connect with the wisdom and healing benefits of eating in harmony with the seasons, and support the environment and small farmers. We try to care for the earth and have always farmed by organic guidelines (and were Certified Organic, 2017-2020).

Joining our CSA is also a way to give: we donate a portion of surplus produce to shelters and food banks, and individuals can purchase shares to be donated.  

CSA Membership Offers Many Benefits:

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I loved everything about my experience with Farm of Peace CSA, from your friendly and personable staff to the delicious, well-packed produce to the great communication. Your operation is a class act that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone in the area.
Adrienne B., spring 2019 customer

With each delivery, you can expect to receive 5-10 different items, farmer’s choice from what is ready for harvest that week.   Full and bi-weekly shares receive 7-10 items with each delivery. The small shares receive 5-7 items weekly, while still getting to experience the diversity of produce throughout the season.  For example:  Full shares receive sweet peas and arugula each week mid-spring and small shares receive sweet peas one week and arugula the next, along with many other fresh spring garden gifts, like lettuce, beets, scallions and more.

  • Full share = a generous bag every week of 7-10 seasonal items
  • Small sharea generous bag every week of 5-7 seasonal items
  • Biweekly share = a full bag, every other week

What do we grow?

I just wanted to let you know that out of the several CSAs we have belonged to - you all are the best. I love your positive updates and little newsletter and we are loving the share every week. Even my teenagers are liking the delicious salads we have been making and I usually have to get them to choke down their greens. Thanks so much!

What We Grow

We strive to offer traditional favorites (such as tomatoes, zucchini, and cucumbers) plus items that you may not have tried before (such as salad turnips, Asian greens, and garlic scapes). We plant several types of heirloom tomatoes (Cherokee Purple, Valencia and Brandywine, for example) and kale (lacinato, green curly, and red winter). Our lettuce comes in a rainbow of varieties and makes a beautiful salad. Depending on the weather, spring items might flow into summer, or summer items ripen early, and so on.

The CSA opened my horizons in terms of food. We ate food we've never eaten before and learned new ways to prepare familiar foods. There was such abundance--enough to share with neighbors and friends.

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