CSA Payments & Donations

To sign up for the CSA with a payment plan, please go to our Signup Page here and make your first payment.

This page is for :

  • Paying for pre-ordered produce
  • Submitting follow-up CSA payments if you are already enrolled.
  • Making donations to CSA for other than our regular share amounts.
  • Please use this form below and enter the amount of your payment.
  • Once you click the “Make Payment” button, you will be forwarded to PayPal to complete your payment.

Some handy donation amounts:

1 CSA bag - $31
2 CSA bags - $62
3 CSA bags - $93
4 CSA bags - $124
8 CSA bags - $264
12 CSA bags - $375
16-week small share, $288
24-week small share, $420
16 week full share, $528
24 week full share, $750

Or, enter another amount.

Unless you specify one of the shelters on our list, we will send the donation where needed most.

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