~ Oh Source of Peace & Safety ~

Virtual Wellness Getaway
Friday 2nd & Saturday 3rd - April 2021

The Farm of Peace Wellness Getaway is calling you……….come rest & receive sustenance from the Source of Peace, Security & Safety, from the Flawless, the Spreader of Peace, the Salvation.   

Oh Allah, You are the peace & from You comes the peace & to You the peace returns. Blessed be You, Oh Lord of Majesty & Glory. ~invocation 

Allahumma anta s-salam wa minka s-salam wa ilayka ya’udu s-salam tabarakta rabbana wa-ta alayta ya dha-l-jalali wa-l-ikram

Extending a warm welcome to all those who wish to participate in a Virtual Wellness Getaway on Friday & Saturday, held via telephone and zoom.

Come enjoy the sweet & satisfying sublimity of Sufism & the Farm of Peace. Whether you are new to the way or have been traveling on it for years, there is something waiting for you here.

Beloveds from the Sufi community share the beauty of the Path & their hearts by offering talks and a variety of group practices. One-on-one Sufi Healings with gifted healers are also available.

         Please contribute according to what is in your heart to give. Donations will be accepted separately for classes & individual healings.




Exploring various “fragrances” of PEACE.

Friday April 2nd, 2021


Al-Wird Remembrance & “A Deeper Dive into the Salawat (Peace & Blessings of Allah): the Sufi Way of the Love with Abd al Qadr Davies



“Salam From the Inside Out”: learn about how to live with this quality, about its health aspect, & do recitation with Salima Adelstein



“Drinking from the Love & Finding Peace”: Deep Secret Invocation using Allah’s Qualities with Radiyya Atarodian 



Jum’ah Prayer Gathering (weekly Friday worship) with Imam Abdul Karim – followed by Q&A 



One-on-one Healings & Suggested Activities (to do on your own)



Al-Wird & Flowing into Deeper Connection with Rayhannah Shoop 



“How to Bring More As-Salaam into Our Lives” with Salih Cotten


Sat April 3rd, 2021


Movement Class: Feldenkrais Awareness with Katie Giarth



Al-Wird & Celebrating Peace with Widad Kraemer 



Writing from the Heart Class with Jamila Davies – Bring a pen & a notebook!



“Spring Cleaning: Polishing the Inner Abode of the Heart for True Peace” with Laila Brady Walzer



One-on-one healings & Suggested Activities (to do on your own)



Farewell & Reflections



Al-Wird & Allahumma-Peace Invocation with Emmalee Sara Aman


  *All times shown in Eastern time zone.

 Registration Process 

To register for the Getaway, click below. 

To schedule a healing, 
please register & make your request by noon on THURSDAY APRIL 1ST .

Two Heart Donations

Donations for the Wellness Getaway can be made upon registering. 

Donations for one-on-one healings are arranged at the time of your healing, directly with the healer, through check or online payment.



 Significance of Al-Wird Remembrance


 meaning “the return to the watering hole”

 is a twice daily practice 

for purifying the heart. 

As recommended by our Guide 

Sidi Muhammad Al-Jamal,  

four different recitations 

aid the seeker to travel through 

the mind, heart, soul, & secret 

to arrive in the 

Presence of Oneness.


After registering, you will receive an email with login access to the Getaway. 

All sessions will be accessible by Zoom software or by telephone.

A view of the Farm from the International Peace Center (IPC)

  Sufi Spiritual Healing

Sufi Healing is a gentle and sacred way to heal illness and imbalance of all kinds in the physical, emotional, mental, financial, and spiritual realms. In your healing session, we seek to identify the underlying causes of your concern, and invite sacred, divine light and love to clean and heal those areas. We use traditional methods including spiritual invocations, prayers, and practices from the Sufi tradition of love, wisdom and unity.

Healers who participate in the Wellness Getaway are listed below (exact healers may vary):


Radiyya Atarodian

Abd al-Qadir Davies 

Jamila Davies

Laila Ham 

Nura Heyward

Widad Kraemer

Manijeh Marvastian

Halima Reilly

We will schedule your healing with the healer of your choice, if available, and will give you the healer’s phone number to call at the appointed time. Please indicate in the registration form below, if there is a healer you prefer to work with, and we will try to accommodate your request as best as possible. 

Donations for one-on-one healings can be arranged directly with your healer at the time of the healing. 

Ya-Salam, O Allah, heal my body, mind, and heart, & grant me reconciliation, peace, and security so that I may see Your immortal power & love in all Your revelations.  Free me errors, visible & invisible, so that I may surrender to the stream of Your eternal Unity. ~ Fawzia

We look forward to gathering with you, to drink deeply from the Peace, Love, Mercy, Beauty, & Freedom of this Path.

With love & blessings,

The Farm of Peace Wellness Getaway Team


Sidi Al-Jamal speaks about the Farm of Peace in The Religion of Unity:  

“….this place upon which Allah bestowed His gifts.  He bestowed His gifts upon this place’s family & those who work for it, and especially upon our daughters Salima & Halima & our son Habib, and all of those who help them.  Allah bestowed His gifts upon them.  I thank them for all that they prepared & offered for us and for Allah.  Allah bestowed upon this land the gift to be named the Land of Peace, the Farm of Peace.  The Land of Peace truly gathers those who love peace & who raise the flag of love.  The voice of peace will emerge out of this land.  The voice of love will say, ‘Yes’, to love, ‘Yes,’ to peace, ‘Yes,’ to justice, ‘Yes,’ to freedom.  Not only in this land, but it will spread all over the country & the whole world.  You will be the true children of Allah who carry the message of Allah, which people are thirsty to have.  We ask Allah to spread the peace. Amin. Amin.  Amin.”

Art from nature at the Farm of Peace

Virtual Wellness Getaway Registration

Friday 2nd & Saturday 3rd – APRIL

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