The Farm of Peace is home to a beloved flock of sheep. Currently there are eleven ewes and two rams with lambs to come in the spring. These animals are loved and cared for by the shepherd and agriculture circle members who make sure they have everything they need. Sheep are spiritual animals who respond to the inner in subtle and sweet ways. The adopt-a-sheep program, started for the 2023 year, is an exciting way for beloveds near and far to support the farm by helping to cover the costs of raising sheep.

Adopting a Sheep for 2023

By adopting a sheep for a year, you help to cover:
  • Hay costs for winter feeding
  • Minerals, vitamins, and medicine
  • Annual shearing
  • Medical attention
  •  Equipment and structure repairs and maintenance 
  • Stipend for the shepherd

…and more!

The benefits of adopting a sheep are many. They include:
  • Monthly video from the shepherd showcasing an aspect of caring for the sheep
  • Monthly exclusive photographs
  • Yearly chance to visit & work with the sheep & fields
  • The ability to ask the shepherd questions
  • The blessings of caring for Allah’s (swt) creation
Who might adopt a sheep:
  • Any individual who feels called
  • A community who wants to pool their resources 
  • A family or group of friends

The cost to adopt a sheep is $500 per year. As described, this is what it takes to fully care for each sheep. A commitment to adopt a sheep runs from January 2023 until December 2024. The Farm of Peace is incredibly grateful for the generosity of all who are able to help us care for them in any way. If you have questions, reach out to us at

Meet the Beautiful Sheep at the Farm of Peace
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