Beautiful Healing

“Sometime prior to (a workshop at the Farm of Peace) I had been quite ill with an upper respiratory problem. After a round of antibiotics, I was left with a prolonged inability to speak normally. At times I could not speak at all. As the doctor suspected allergies, and I suspected gluten, I had begun, and continue, a gluten-free diet. However, when I arrived at (the Farm), I still could not speak reliably or, often, audibly.

…My voice kind of came back at (the workshop). Though I’d begun the diet prior thereto, it was at (the workshop) that my healing really began to take off. Progression was no longer slow, linear. No longer mathematical, but exponential.  I do not feel adequate to the tasks of understanding or explaining what happened, but something very important to me, did happen. I credit Salima, (I think of her as, in that context, God’s engine) the food, all of the people, the surroundings, Sidi and of course, Allah. My voice has continued to gain strength (who knew i could chant for a 1/2 hour straight with gusto!) and I have never lost it again, (thanks be to Allah), though it has had its briefly challenged moments.

This is a huge healing for me. That was July; this is the next January. In the past, in the pre-workshop natural progression of things, within that span of time I might well have lost my voice at least two more times. And yet, since then, not even once.  I still long for silence sometimes, but the longing is different.  Maybe it’s the chanting, which I learned at (the workshop), that helps to quench that need; I don’t know.  But I do know that my body has experienced a healing I had no right to expect and could not have imagined prior to (the workshop). The subtle yet enormously powerful and seemingly perfectly- personally- calibrated- to- me quality of the healing–healing that came full, immediate, like the gift of a warm soft cape on the coldest of nights–makes me enormously grateful.

The above is a description of only one of the many gifts with which I have been blessed since (the workshop at the Farm of Peace). This path often leaves me weeping–grateful tears.”  E.R.

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  1. Hello! I bought some of your kale at the Berkeley Springs Farmers Market on Sunday but can’t remember what it is. It’s not the Russian Red Kale — looks almost like your collards (had bought them the week before and LOVED them but you were out of them this week). If you can tell from my description, what is this type of kale? The young man at the stall told me that he steams it rather than sautéing it.

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