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I just wanted to let you know that out of the several CSA's we have belonged to - you all are the best. I love your positive updates and little newsletter and we are loving the share every week. Even my teenagers are liking the delicious salads we have been making and I usually have to get them to choke down their greens. Thanks so much!


I wanted to thank you last week for the beautiful produce you all delivered. I am amazed how GOOD the mixed greens taste. I am so looking forward to more tomorrow. Thanks for all your hard work. It is a ton of work.


I could not have asked for a more perfect wedding than ours at the Farm of Peace. The barn was so magical and peaceful. I really felt that there was an abundance of peace and blessings throughout our entire ceremony. I never imagined that it was going to be so perfect!


Thank you and all of our friends at the Farm of Peace for such a wonderful summer with the CSA. I have learned so much, I think we have eaten much better and I know we have a better understanding of what's really important in our times.

Mike & Spencer

Thank you all so much for our stay at the Farm of Peace. When I got there I felt like I was home -- more than home. It felt like I had finally found the space and hearts of my birth. I felt a comfort that I've never felt even within my own parents' home -- AHHHHHH! Thanks to you all for helping us feel so welcome and cozy and for all you have done to help my son's heart. Many Blessings


The CSA opened my horizons in terms of food. We ate things we've never eaten before and learned new ways to prepare familiar foods. There was such abundance--enough to share with neighbors and friends.


The retreat center is a wonderful place -- beautiful and comfortable. Everyone treats you like a member of the family.


Thank you so much for the love, support, healing, care and sincerity I received during my healing intensive. I feel so much gratitude that there are healers like you out there helping people to find their way back to health through the love, mercy and peace. Bless you all with much gratitude and love.


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  1. Ahmad Parviz

    Thank you so much for making this farm available to the community. The staff were extremely friendly and helpful. The produce that we got to hand pick ourselves were fresh and organic. We found the farm peaceful and relaxing. We appreciate the hard work that you guys put in for the community and we definitely plan on coming back.

    God bless,
    Ahmad Parviz