What is a CSA?

What Is a CSA?

CSA stands for “community-supported agriculture.” A CSA is a community of  members who support a farm operation, with the farmer and the consumers providing mutual support and sharing the risks and benefits of food production.

Is it a real CSA? See this fun info-graphic!

Members buy their shares in advance, which helps cover the farmer’s anticipated costs of the seeds, soil amendments, labor, etc. In return, once a week the members get a share of that week’s harvest, whatever it that may be.  Instead of 50 cents (or more) of your food dollar going to distributors and transportation, 100 percent of your food dollar goes straight to the farmer. Your share purchase allows us to employ and educate several interns each year, as well as continue to build the soil and improve our garden.

Joining a CSA is wonderful way to connect with the wisdom and healing benefits of eating in harmony with the seasons, and support the environment and small farmers.  We try to care for the earth are now organic certified, as well!

Joining our CSA is also a way to give: we donate a portion of our produce to shelters and food banks, and individuals can purchase shares to be donated. Last year, we donated between 5 to 14 shares a week to F.A.I.T.H. social services in Herndon, VA, and smaller amounts to the Warfordsburg Senior Center and Starting Points Community Kitchen in Berkeley Springs.  This year we are adding Northern Middle School Food Pantry to our list of where people can donate shares, we we will also donate one share for every 10 shares purchased.

Our CSA offers many benefits:

~seasonal organic produce picked at the peak of freshness

~sustainable farming practices working in harmony with the land

~food grown locally is less dependent on fossil fuels than food that is shipped from a distance

~using heirloom varieties preserves genetic diversity

~helps to preserve the direct, traditional connection between the farmer and the customer

We provide information and education through weekly newsletters and tours of the Farm (please call first, to make sure someone is here to show you around).

To learn more about becoming a part of our 2017 CSA, click here, call Jen Kropff at 717-573-4722 or email info@farmofpeace.com

matt_croppedTo feed the soil and the plants, we’re making black compost out of our vast amounts of weeds and vegetable waste, such as sweet potato and tomato vines, plus a hefty measure of animal manure…  Wood ashes and seaweed meal provide a mineral supplement.  That’s on the material end.

There are more subtle influences on the garden, including the stars, the moon, and the emotions we feel as we work the place.  Our logo says, ‘Love grows,’ and there’s nothing hippy-dippy about that.  It’s the simple truth.

~ Matt Belmont, CSA Manager