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2017 Farm of Peace Organic CSA

garden viewJoin us to receive an abundance of fresh, locally grown organic food! We are accepting late enrollments for our 16-week and 24-week shares until sold out.



Update:  May 2017. It’s official – we have received our Organic Certification from Pennsylvania Certified Organic! Did you know only 27% of CSAs are certified organic?

Recent customer comments:

“The produce is beautiful, and the quality is better than [organic food store A] and [organic food store B].”

“Really appreciate being able to opt out and request extras… thanks for being flexible.”

“It is like a holiday for me every weekend to get my CSA. My body feels better with your produce. Keep up the great work!”

“We’ve been very happy and satisfied members for a number of years.”

“Very happy with the selection I received today!  I love red chard so that extra amount was perfect. And, the carrots were a surprise and I needed them for a pot roast I was making today.  I used up the potatoes from a previous bag received. The Napa  cabbage is beautiful. Thanks for the omits and their substitutions.”

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photo 5 photo 2 Carrot Harvest


2017 Organic CSA Season

Click here to register online.  We still have a few shares available and are accepting late enrollments!

Late enrollment accepted for:

  • 16 weeks:  June 29 through- early September
  • 24 weeks: June 29 through mid-December

with choice of

  • Full share – a full bag every week, feeds 2-4 people
  • Biweekly Half share – a full bag, every other week,
    feeds 1-2 people
  • Weekly Half share – half a bag, every week, feeds 1-2 people

2017 Pricing

16 weeks 24 weeks 30 weeks
Full Share $500 $700 Not avail.
Bi-Weekly Half $250 $350 Not avail.
Weekly Half $285 $420 Not avail.

See what varieties are planned for our shares.


Click here to register online.  If you have questions before you sign up, please  call 717-573-4722.


E41A0800Our produce is also available at:

Berkeley Springs Farmer’s Market (WV), April to December, Sundays 10  – 2.

Valley Co-op in Hagerstown. They stock some of our produce, plus co-op members can custom order from us via their website.


green_crinkle_lettuce red_leaf_lettuce







Beyond the nourishing, certified organically grown produce and weekly newsletter you receive; supporting small farms like ours keeps them alive, protects the diversity and availability of local foods, healthy ecosystems, and a landscape of beautiful agriculture.

We offer on-Farm pickup plus deliveries to many locations, planned 2017 drops listed here.


*Each delivery includes an e-newsletter with recipes, photos and news from the farm.

You can choose each week to opt-out of anything you don’t like, and receive something else in its place.

With each delivery you can expect to receive a variety of 8-12 different items.  We strive to offer some traditional favorites (such as tomatoes, green beans and cucumbers) plus items that you may not have tried before (such a salad turnips or garlic scapes).  Of the items listed below, you may see a variety amongst the types of seed we use such as multiple types of heirloom tomatoes (Cherokee purple and brandywine, for example) or kale (lacinato, green curly, and red winter).  Our lettuce comes in a rainbow of varieties and makes a beautiful salad. Below is what we hope to include in your shares, by season, with 8-12 items offered each week.

“We love the winter produce and feel very fortunate to have it!” 

“I’m pleased with the CSA and I hope to sign up again next year.”
“Our share was amazing!!! Thank you to everyone. We made my birthday dinner with eggplant, spinach and garlic in an eggplant parmesan dish and are making a batch of kimchi later with the carrots, napa, scallions, radishes and some ginger we picked up from the co-op. Everything in our bag was fresh, clean and packaged beautifully.”
 “Have really enjoyed the CSA and look forward to the start of it in the spring.”
“I’ll be bringing a check tomorrow for the full winter share. Love Farm of Peace CSA!!!!”
“Really appreciate the beautiful rutabaga. Fresh, unwaxed rutabagas are a joy. Thanks for growing them.”
 “…the farm’s garlic is of a very high quality.”

“[Your veggies] are amazing. …There is a SIGNIFICANT difference between the taste of them and what one can buy at the local grocery store – even if they are labeled “organic”. 

 “Thank you and all of our friends at the Farm of Peace for such a wonderful summer with the CSA. I have learned so much, I think we have eaten much better and I know we have a better understanding of what’s really important in our times.”

“Good day! I just wanted to drop a line to say thanks to you and all your helpers for all your hard work. We are so excited every week to open our bag and see what yummy veggies await us!  I also enjoy the newsletter and the recipe/cooking ideas. Thanks again for all you do!”


Register online 

If you have made special arrangements with the CSA manager to make payments, please use this button and enter the amount of your payment. BE SURE TO CLICK ON THE WORD  “UPDATE” AFTER YOU ENTER YOUR AMOUNT.


If you have any questions, please contact the Farm of Peace at 717-573-4722 or send an email to; or simply contact us