Zawiyah Retreat

Spring Renewal: April 14-16

Zawiyah retreat is a time for greater silence, rest, and to be deeply held in love. This is a structured retreat in which you will be gently guided through traditional Sufi practices such as remembrance, al wird, salat, and writing the stations, to experience your heart turning to face only God.

Your teachers for this retreat will be from among those listed below. We are deeply honored to serve and invite you to take advantage of this valuable program. It is a chance to deepen your relationship with God, to turn away from the material world and let your heart soar with the teachings of our beloved guide, Sidi al-Jamal.

Tuition: $130/day, which includes your retreat program, meals and lodging at the IPC.

More About Zawiyah

Our spiritual retreat, called Zawiyah, is a holy opportunity to walk closer to God. Zawiyah teachers guide students to move beyond the patterns and beliefs that keep their hearts from knowing God’s love. It is a time for greater silence, rest, and to be deeply held in love. Through traditional Sufi practices such as remembrance, prayer, and writing the stations and other of Sidi’s writings, participants can experience their hearts turning to face only God.

The Farm of Peace offers a peaceful setting in which new students can grow more familiar with the practices and prayers of the Sufi way and in which more experienced students can deepen their walking to God. Extended zawiyah at the Farm of Peace can also greatly benefit anyone yearning for physical or emotional healing.

Participants are held and guided through the walking of the 28 stations to taste the unity of God’s love.  The program includes two daily group meetings and Sufi chanting practice; group prayer; personal guidance with the teacher; an opportunity to learn from the teachings of our guide, Sidi al-Jamal; and an evening gathering with Sufi practices.

Read more about the Sufi way.

Sometimes You Need Retreat

There are times when the fire is so strong or the calling is so deep that we need to drop everything in the outer world and retreat with our Beloved. Just like with any relationship, we need to get away with our Beloved and sit Heart in heart and remember why we are in love, why we are walking together. There are moments when the renewal that needs to take place is so deep that we need help.

The Farm of Peace offered me that deep containment so that I could let go and sit face in face with my Beloved. I knew that my heart, mind, body, and spirit would be supported in just the way that I needed while I sat with my Creator.

There was a moment during both labors with my sons that I hit a deep wall. I was exhausted, scared, unsure about what was happening, and afraid I just might die. Each time, there was someone, a friend or midwife, who looked me deep in the eye and said, ”You can do this.”

A few months after my beloved little sister died in a tragic accident, I drove 8 hours to zawiyya at The Farm of Peace needing that look in the eye. The burn was too much, the pain unbearable. I was angry and broken. I needed to remember what I am doing and why.

I received that and a plethora more. Beginning with the call to prayer in the morning to the Epson salts given to me for a bath in the evening, I was deeply cared for inside and out. Each beautiful woman and man who sat with me, prayed with me, witnessed me, answered my questions, cooked for me, laughed with me, each one was actually saying, ”Yes, you can do this. You are not alone. We will hold you while you heal, while you release all that stands between you and Allah, while you stand back up, while you remember the ocean of Love and Mercy that is you.”

Thank you ~ Thank you ~ Thank you!  J.C.

To register or for more information, call the Farm of Peace at 717-573-4722 or write to

Zawiyah begins Friday morning at 9:30 a.m. and ends Sunday at 4 p.m. You can join for any day(s) during this time.

Zawiyah teachers: Halima Reilly (lead), Na’ima Bastress, Jamila Davies, Wafa Driscoll