Writing From the Heart

Writing from the Heart

jamila davies

Presented by Jamila Vicki Davies

 “And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud  was  more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” 
~ Anais Nin

I am so excited to have another opportunity to join with you in the exploration of the mysteries of our hearts, soul and secret through Writing from the Heart.

Writing from the Heart opens a doorway to your own intrinsic wisdom– the essence of who you are.   Let the flow of writing, sharing and listening in an intimate group open to what is deepest in you; open to the jewel, the pearl, the wisdom that you carry.  This process of guided spiritual writing by-passes the chatter of the mind and connects us directly to what each of us is longing to know ~ the essence of who we are.

I also want to share something new I have learned about writing and how writing has become a means for me to know myself better, to access deeper levels of my own self-expression and to discover secrets in that process.  This past year I have been writing my spiritual memoir, still a work in progress; but the process has helped me tap into a deeper place of listening and hearing the subtle, intuitive voice that speaks to me when I give time and attention to the thoughts that come not from me but through me.

Writing from the Heart is a doorway to access your deepest wisdom.  Come share an afternoon, a day or a weekend.  Come hear and listen!

Next dates: April 11-12, 2015


 To register or for more information, call 717-573-4722.

“Writers do not write to impart knowledge; rather, they write to inform themselves.”    ~ Judith Guest

  •  You will gain insight into your mind and heart and through this process will open a door to your deepest strength, the love and beauty within.
  • You will come to know yourself better using writing as a tool, like a gardener using a spade, digging deep to uncover the rich fertile soil of your own knowing.
  • Actions taken in every aspect of your life will be informed by the awareness gained through this process of alignment with your deepest essence, creating peace and transformation.

“My deepest experience after taking “Writing from the Heart” is that the Divine’s outpouring is ever present in us and to to us.  Jamila’s workshop creates a structure, a cup, for that outpouring, to receive it and hold onto it long enough to listen to it and record it.” –B.R.


With questions and to register for this workshop please call the Farm of Peace at 717-573-4722 or 877-367-7723.


Jamila Vicki Davies is practiced in the art of healing as a Sufi Master Teacher (Muqaddim) in the Shadhdhuliyya Sufi tradition and as a mediator and teacher in the Vedic tradition for over 30 years before becoming a Sufi, has taught hundreds of people the art of opening to the deep silence within. Her love of journal writing began more than 40 years ago and recently she revisited this tool of self discovery and self reflection in her masters practicum in Spiritual Ministry discovering that people open more quickly to their authentic voice through a spiritual practice called “remembrance” and using journaling, are able to express, in their own words, their own deepest wisdom.