Sufi School Work Study

Sufi School Work Study


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Work-study credit is available for a portion of your tuition. It does not cover meals or lodging.  First, read about work study below.  If you have questions or wish to arrange work study, please contact  Please read the work study policy in entirety.


Sufi School East is a very large undertaking staffed almost entirely by committed volunteers and work study participants. These committed volunteers and work study participants are crucial to helping our community host our teachers. Without your participation, Sufi School East would not be possible!

Work study credit can cover all or part of the tuition for Sufi School East, depending on the job and the number of hours worked. Please note, however, that work study credit does not cover food and lodging.

If you need work study credit for the entire tuition cost, please consider helping with site preparation ahead of time, or site breakdown afterwards. It is not possible to work the amount required to cover the entire tuition during Sufi School itself without missing significant class time.

In addition to helping set up and break down the event, we have positions during Sufi School to help with various logistics including food prep and clean up, teaching space setup, trash and recycling, and youth program.

Many of the jobs available during the event itself will require you to miss some of the teachings. As much as possible, we try to allow everyone to go to class when Sidi is teaching. When a work study job does interfere with attending class when Sidi is scheduled to teach, we give extra credit for that job.

There is a $10 credit towards tuition for every hour worked, with some jobs receiving a $14/hour credit if they require the person to miss significant amounts of scheduled class when Sidi is teaching. For example, if you work 10 hours ahead of time in site preparation, you would receive a $100 credit towards the tuition. If in addition to that you worked for the four days during the event helping with the teaching barn logistics you would receive an additional 16 hours of work study credit at $10 per hour ($160).  Thus your total work study credit would be $260.

Please note, the work study contracts are set up ahead of time and will be based on the anticipated schedule. However, the event does not always strictly follow the schedules, so things may not work out completely as anticipated.

Due to the responsibility carried by our work study participants during the event itself, we give work study preference to those who can work the entire event, or a minimum of 3 of the 4 days. There may be some work study credit available to fill in the gaps for someone only attending 2 days; however, those jobs will be allocated near the start of Sufi School, as the gaps in our staffing are clarified.

If you have questions or wish to arrange work study, please contact our Work Study Coordinator at workstudy @


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