Sufi School East

IMG_7203_cSufi School East 2016

Taking Love Into Action
Living the Teachings

September 2
 5, 2016



Sufi School East at the Farm of Peace is generally held over Labor Day weekend. We hope you enjoyed your time with us this year. Check back next year for 2017 info!

Sufi School East  is a beautiful time to be together with people from all over the nation and the world who come to enjoy the teachings, delicious meals, fun for kids, camping and filling our hearts with joy.   


More Info: Newcomers’ Program ~ General Info ~What to Bring ~ Accommodations ~ Airport Shuttles ~ Contact Us



  1. Rebecca Briones.

    Assalaam Alikum. I was wondering if you will be offering classes this fall at the farm. I would love to attend, if they are offered.

  2. Rifqa P

    Check our Programs page a little later this summer. I don’t think there is anything posted for Fall yet, but there will be.

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