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Planned Varieties for 2018 ~ What We’re Planting Just for You!

spinach roWe strive to offer traditional favorites (such as tomatoes, green beans and cucumbers) plus items that you may not have tried before (such as salad turnips, Asian greens and garlic scapes).  We plant several types of heirloom tomatoes (Cherokee Purple, Valencia and Brandywine, for example) and kale (lacinato, green curly, and red winter).  Our lettuce comes in a rainbow of varieties and makes a beautiful salad. Below is a list of what we plan to include in your shares this year,  roughly by season. Depending on the weather, spring items might flow into summer, or summer items ripen early, and so on.

Note: we’re taking a break from some of the brassicas (cabbage family), especially in mid-summer, since the permitted treatments that kill the cabbage worms, while natural and organic-compliant, also kill honeybees and other beneficials. Not planting broccoli or cabbage for a year or two should naturally reduce the populations of their main pests without harming bees.


May, June, early July: Lots of greens! Arugula, beet greens, beets, Napa (Chinese) cabbage, Swiss chard, cilantro, garlic scapes (buds), mixed baby greens, green curly kale, lacinato kale, head lettuce, baby lettuce mix, mint, snap peas, radishes, scallions, spinach,  strawberries, Tokyo bekana, sweet white turnips.



July, August, Early September: Summer favorites… Genovese basil, holy basil, cilantro, green beans, beets, carrots, Swiss chard, corn, cucumbers, eggplant, garlic, leeks, cantaloupes,  watermelon, red, white and yellow onions, parsley, hot and sweet peppers, three kinds of potatoes, sweet potatoes, scallions, zucchini and crookneck squash, cherry tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes.



Late September, October, November, December: Arugula, beet greens, beets, brussels sprouts, green cabbage,  Napa cabbage, carrots, Swiss chard, cilantro, garlic, ginger, mixed baby greens, 3 kinds of kale,  leeks, head lettuce, baby lettuce mix, mint, onions, oregano, parsley, parsnips, pumpkins, regular radishes, Daikon radishes, rutabaga, scallions, spinach,  butternut squash, acorn squash, sweet potatoes, Tokyo bekana, sweet Hakurei turnips,  purple top turnips. You may also see late peppers, melons and tomatoes until frost.


Our entire CSA is now certified organic.

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