Customers Comments

CSA Customer Comments


I will definitely join you next year! Have a wonderful holiday! 11/17, DC

May Allah bless your labor of love with more of His endless bounties. The most delicious vegetables! 11/17, Sterling

Just wanted to really thank you … for giving us this opportunity to  connect with God’s  nature. I pray for you guys every week when I pick it up.  Not to mention that the taste is something else!!  Sometimes it’s hard to go back to store bought.  : )  10/17, Sterling

Last week was my first order, and I was really satisfied; the tomatoes were full of flavor… 9/17, DC

Many thanks. My neighbor and I are enjoying this wonderful produce! 9/17, Silver Spring

I ate one of [your] zukes yesterday. It was the absolute most amazingly delicious zucchini I have ever experienced. 8/17, Farmer’s market customer

We just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the beautiful tomatoes you gave us last week. We wanted to give canning a try and that’s what we did this weekend. We now have 13 cans of crushed tomatoes and 2 cans of tomato juice that should last us though all of winter! Thank you so much again! 8/17, DC

Thank you for the shares so far. They have been lovely. 7/17, Frederick

Really appreciate being able to opt out and request extras… thanks for being flexible.  2017

Thank you for your delicious deliveries!  7/17

Tomatoes are wonderful! 7/17, Hagertown

Thanks for a beautiful share and blessed crop. 7/17, Sterling

I am greatly enjoying the farm share program!  Thank you for all your hard
work. 7/17, Hagerstown

Thank you for providing us with an awesome product!!  7/17

The produce is beautiful, and the quality is better than [organic food store A] and [organic food store B]. 7/17

It is like a holiday for me every weekend to get my CSA. My body feels better with your produce. Keep up the great work! 1/17

We’ve been very happy and satisfied members for a number of years.

We love the winter produce and feel very fortunate to have it! 1/17

I’m pleased with the CSA and I hope to sign up again next year. 12/16
Our share was amazing!!! Thank you to everyone. We made my birthday dinner with eggplant, spinach and garlic in an eggplant parmesan dish and are making a batch of kimchi later with the carrots, napa, scallions, radishes and some ginger we picked up from the co-op. Everything in our bag was fresh, clean and packaged beautifully. 2016
 Have really enjoyed the CSA and look forward to the start of it in the spring. 11/16
I’ll be bringing a check tomorrow for the full winter share. Love Farm of Peace CSA!!!! 11/16, Berkeley Springs
Really appreciate the beautiful rutabaga. Fresh, unwaxed rutabagas are a joy. Thanks for growing them. 12/16, Berkeley Springs
 …the farm’s garlic is of a very high quality. 10/16, Sterling

[Your veggies] are amazing. …There is a SIGNIFICANT difference between the taste of them and what one can buy at the local grocery store – even if they are labeled “organic”.  2016

 Thank you and all of our friends at the Farm of Peace for such a wonderful summer with the CSA. I have learned so much, I think we have eaten much better and I know we have a better understanding of what’s really important in our times. 2016

Good day! I just wanted to drop a line to say thanks to you and all your helpers for all your hard work. We are so excited every week to open our bag and see what yummy veggies await us!  I also enjoy the newsletter and the recipe/cooking ideas. Thanks again for all you do! 2016