This Year’s CSA Garden is Sprouting!

The Farm of Peace CSA is entering its third growing season and there are now thousands of tiny seeds lined up on shelves in our newly built solar seed shed. I spent the past week planting seeds in the warmth of the solar seed-growing shed, and if it is as nurturing to the seeds as it has been for me, we should have some healthy plants!

Every time I plant a seed, it leaves me in awe, which seems to deepen with each season. It is a miraculous and mysterious unfolding, which presents such clarity of truth about the caring of our Creator. He is so clearly the Creator, al-Khaliq, the King, al-Malik, as I see a vibrant green leaf unfold from a tiny dry seed; and the generous, al-Karim, as I witness this tiny seed unfold into a large plant, sometimes five feet tall, bearing fruit for many. He is an-Nur, as He sends the light to draw forth this process; al-Batin, as this life that will draw forth is hidden within its seed, awaiting the call; and al-Zahir, as it unveils itself and surrenders to the call to open. I will continue to ponder this and sing His qualities as I plant, and invite you all to come visit the seed shed next time you are at the farm and share your blessings for this new addition.

Jesse Amin is adding an 80-foot-long low tunnel in the field. This is where we intend to start early beets, carrots, spinach and lettuces for our early spring deliveries. All the new growth is exciting, and it’s just the beginning — we have many more seeds to sow!

Our CSA delivery season will begin on May 26, with space for 50 members. We are inviting 10 new members to join us in 2012, so please click CSA tab at the top of the page or contact Halima Willett at 717-404-0326 to sign up to be a CSA member this year, or if you would like more information about our program.

— Halima Jen Willett

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