A question for leaders in private industry, government and the nonprofit sector:

What if you had access to a perfect advisor who would give you unerring guidance for all the difficult decisions you must make, and who always had the comforting, encouraging message you most needed to hear in times of stress, anxiety, or uncertainty?

The truth is that you have that resource available to you always through your own inner wisdom: All you have to do is learn how to access it!

Foundations of Enlightened Leadership, Jan. 17-18

The Farm of Peace presents a new workshop geared toward leaders in all sectors who may be experiencing dissatisfaction in your leadership role in any way, or if you are simply seeking a way to enhance your ability to take your organization to its full potential

This two-day workshop presented by seasoned, experienced business consultants David & JoAnn Ross, will help you expand your awareness, develop a broader perspective and achieve your highest aspirations. Learn skills and practices that will help you gain greater clarity and insight, helping you to resolve real-life challenges.

Stepping into your true potential as a leader starts with one powerful step!  What are you waiting for?

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What a blessing Sufi School is! Don’t miss your chance to find the peace, love, mercy, justice and freedom that comes to your heart when you turn it to God at Sufi School East. The entire 4-day event is structured wonderfully to nourish all participants — whether long-time Sufis, those new to this path, or followers of any religion who want to walk closer to their God.


It is a chance to be in the presence of a very holy man, Sidi al-Jamal, our spiritual Guide, and to drink from his teachings and the love that he gives to all. It is a chance to learn from other amazing Sufi teachers. And it is a chance to be in an amazing community of seekers of God, where the feeling of love is palpable! All of this takes place in a majestic, stunningly beautiful setting at the Farm of Peace.


I first came to Sufi School East eight years ago, somewhat reluctantly, at the request of my beloved friend (now my wife). I met Sidi and experienced the profound love that he and this community radiate. Since then, my life has been transformed (for the best) in almost every way. I certainly can’t promise any specific experience to anyone, but I firmly believe you will treasure your time there. So TAKE YOUR CHANCE. — Nuh Ross


Sufi School East, Oct. 13-17, 2011 at the Farm of Peace, Warfordsburg, PA


REGISTER: Complete information about Sufi School East and online registration is available here.
Tuition is $320 for all four days! Special rates for newcomers, young adults.
Free kids’ camp. Special newcomer classes to support your receiving the most benefit from this retreat.


We look forward to seeing you!

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Peaches, fresh from the tree — there is really nothing so sweet to define summer’s taste.  Our young trees (the oldest only 7 years old) are bursting with small, intensely sweet  fruit.   We’ve had the joy of tasting them simply as they are, and in some fabulous wholesome dessert cobblers.  What a treat!


Maryam Hand has been caring for the orchard this past year, putting in some Asian pear and liberty apple trees along with the cherry trees, pears and crab apples. For the apple-lovers, yet another blessing — home-made fresh apple sauce to grace the dinner table. (The donkeys love the apples as a special treat, too.)

Visiting campers get a tour of the orchard

Maryam with apple harvest -- soon to be applesauce



A section of the orchard is devoted to blackberries and strawberries, so special to taste in their seasons.  Maryam has planted comfrey among the rows; it’s beneficial for the trees.


New trees were planted in the spring, and lots of work and care go into the orchard, from mulching to weeding to watering to mowing.


It’s so rewarding to see the trees beginning to become full and sturdy, and replete with their fruits — another of the many signs present on the Farm of the glorious abundance that God sends to us to enjoy.


Maryam and Fawn mulch the orchard

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The watermelons are ripening on the vines — they look so massive, juicy and delicious that it is hard to be patient enough to pick them.  And to be quite honest —  I’m not!  Despite my husband’s wise advice that they hadn’t done their term according to the seed packet, and that the vine hadn’t shown any signs of being ready to release and let go, I convinced him to pick one anyway.

Surprise!  It was white inside.  That was almost two weeks ago, so now I am convinced they really are just about ready and this time he agrees!   We’ll see in a couple of days if the vines are ready to let go.

This is a gift that I so enjoy in the garden:  learning to watch the subtle signs and feel how the plants communicate.  Many fruits will “let go” and drop into my hand as soon as they have reached fruition; a few days early, I’ll have to tug.

Such a blessing to see how life shows us this all the time — when the timing is right, things fall into place, just like the tomato drops into my hand when it is ready.

When we are pushing and tugging to make something open or happen in our life, maybe it’s a sign that it’s time to step back and be patient and let it come into fruition.  White watermelon isn’t nearly as sweet and tasty as a juicy pink one!

Halima Jen

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Where does our food come from?

Our friend, sister Mary El Khatib brought about a dozen youngsters and their parents from the Nur Center in Northern Virginia to discover how carrots and other vegetables grow and to explore other delights of nature at the Farm of Peace. In an overnight Nature Camp organized by staffer Maryam Hand, the kids and their parents enjoyed time in the country and had hands-on experience of farm activities.


In the CSA garden, Jesse Amin showed the kids how to pull onions and carrots, and the kids had a blast unearthing their food!



With Maryam, they visited the orchard, seeing apples and peaches growing on the small trees. Maryam gave the children some of the apples as treats for the donkeys.

Mu’min Shay helped the kids make friends with the still-growing pastured poultry chicks; this is where the nutritious, wholesome meat on our table comes from.


Collecting eggs for breakfast was quite an adventure. Visiting the chicken coop, the children had a close-up encounter with the rooster and hens, and explored the nest boxes for fresh eggs.  In the evening, there was a campfire and of course, toasted marshmallows!

After a full morning of farm adventure — and a yummy pancake breakfast — the children gathered with Dr.  Jeanette Hablallah, who taught them about nature, plants, animals and bugs — and the beauty and awe of the creation they’d experienced on the farm. The children completed their Nature Camp with drawings of their experiences.  We hope all  the children and their parents will come back again to visit the farm!


"I love marshmallows" -- Adam


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