Beautiful Healing

“Sometime prior to (a workshop at the Farm of Peace) I had been quite ill with an upper respiratory problem. After a round of antibiotics, I was left with a prolonged inability to speak normally. At times I could not speak at all. As the doctor suspected allergies, and I suspected gluten, I had begun, and continue, a gluten-free diet. However, when I arrived at (the Farm), I still could not speak reliably or, often, audibly.

…My voice kind of came back at (the workshop). Though I’d begun the diet prior thereto, it was at (the workshop) that my healing really began to take off. Progression was no longer slow, linear. No longer mathematical, but exponential.  I do not feel adequate to the tasks of understanding or explaining what happened, but something very important to me, did happen. I credit Salima, (I think of her as, in that context, God’s engine) the food, all of the people, the surroundings, Sidi and of course, Allah. My voice has continued to gain strength (who knew i could chant for a 1/2 hour straight with gusto!) and I have never lost it again, (thanks be to Allah), though it has had its briefly challenged moments.

This is a huge healing for me. That was July; this is the next January. In the past, in the pre-workshop natural progression of things, within that span of time I might well have lost my voice at least two more times. And yet, since then, not even once.  I still long for silence sometimes, but the longing is different.  Maybe it’s the chanting, which I learned at (the workshop), that helps to quench that need; I don’t know.  But I do know that my body has experienced a healing I had no right to expect and could not have imagined prior to (the workshop). The subtle yet enormously powerful and seemingly perfectly- personally- calibrated- to- me quality of the healing–healing that came full, immediate, like the gift of a warm soft cape on the coldest of nights–makes me enormously grateful.

The above is a description of only one of the many gifts with which I have been blessed since (the workshop at the Farm of Peace). This path often leaves me weeping–grateful tears.”  E.R.

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We hope you are enjoying the winter months and finding some rest in the shorter days.  I find that farming has given me a deep appreciation for the ebb and flow of the seasons, and I am glad to receive the time to rest my body.  At the same time, I am dreaming of green, and ready to go!  Jesse is working on some renovations to the seed starting house, and intending to begin planting seeds in the next couple weeks.  Onion seed will be the first to sow inside, followed by beets and carrots under tunnels in the field.

Before all of our energy shifts to planting seeds, caring for them and life back outdoors, we are using the gift of winter to spread the word about the coming season, educate ourselves, and build our team.

There are so many facets to my love of the CSA model, one of which is it’s ability to bring together a team of those supporting a common cause.  It is so inspiring to me that we can support each other in creating local and healthy food systems with such ease.  It is so simple!  Local farms growing food and delivering to local communities, on porches and at community centers.  This is really knowing where your food comes from and reforging an ancient connection that I believe nurtures not only our bodies, but our hearts and souls.

We don’t each need to grow our own food.  But we all eat, and receiving food that is grown chemical free, and knowing where it came from is such a gift.  Especially in a world where the food production system can be somewhat dysfunctional.  We do not need to consume the gasoline it takes to get a tomato from California, when they are growing all around us, in season of course.

In joining this team, you not only receive an abundance of produce you beets can trust was picked fresh and grown locally, but you support the livelihood of a small farm and continue diversified and sustainable agriculture into the future, alive and well.

We hope you can join us for the 2013 CSA!  As the winter allows us more time indoors to prepare for the season, we appreciate your early enrollment and reservation for spring deliveries.  We hope in the coming weeks to be off the computer and in the greenhouse, planting the seeds to fill your share.

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We Have Lamb!

Dec. 5, 2012. Do you enjoy tender, tasty lamb? We have good news — there are 5 lambs left for purchase here at the Farm. They are cut and frozen and available for on-farm pickup only. Prices range from $250 to $300 depending on the size of the lamb. If you can’t eat a whole lamb, get some friends together and share! Contact: Rifqa Parrino at 240 498 2949.

Recent customers have commented:

“We had lamb chops for dinner – it was delicious!”
— 2012 customer, Virginia

“[The lamb was] all very much to our liking. … One neighbor called after they had finished off a leg to say how wonderful it was and thank me for letting them know about it. We had chops and rib chops for dinner …. even out youngest (who can be picky) was raving about them…. Thanks for all your work to grow the lambs…..”
— 2012 customers, Takoma Park, Md

“Please call me when your lambs are available next year!”
— 2012, former restaurant chef, West Virginia

“My mom cooked a dish … today and it was just so delicious. The lamb meat is exquisite…. Maybe I’ll buy another lamb!”
— 2012 customer, Silver Spring, Md

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The Farm of Peace CSA is entering its third growing season and there are now thousands of tiny seeds lined up on shelves in our newly built solar seed shed. I spent the past week planting seeds in the warmth of the solar seed-growing shed, and if it is as nurturing to the seeds as it has been for me, we should have some healthy plants!

Every time I plant a seed, it leaves me in awe, which seems to deepen with each season. It is a miraculous and mysterious unfolding, which presents such clarity of truth about the caring of our Creator. He is so clearly the Creator, al-Khaliq, the King, al-Malik, as I see a vibrant green leaf unfold from a tiny dry seed; and the generous, al-Karim, as I witness this tiny seed unfold into a large plant, sometimes five feet tall, bearing fruit for many. He is an-Nur, as He sends the light to draw forth this process; al-Batin, as this life that will draw forth is hidden within its seed, awaiting the call; and al-Zahir, as it unveils itself and surrenders to the call to open. I will continue to ponder this and sing His qualities as I plant, and invite you all to come visit the seed shed next time you are at the farm and share your blessings for this new addition.

Jesse Amin is adding an 80-foot-long low tunnel in the field. This is where we intend to start early beets, carrots, spinach and lettuces for our early spring deliveries. All the new growth is exciting, and it’s just the beginning — we have many more seeds to sow!

Our CSA delivery season will begin on May 26, with space for 50 members. We are inviting 10 new members to join us in 2012, so please click CSA tab at the top of the page or contact Halima Willett at 717-404-0326 to sign up to be a CSA member this year, or if you would like more information about our program.

— Halima Jen Willett

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“Come and be in the Love! Open your heart to receive the deep Love, Peace and Mercy” —  Salaam P., participant


Are you curious about the teachings of the Sufi Way or are you seeking to experience those teachings more deeply?

Join Salima Adelstein for Gardens of Truth, a monthly Sufi School at the Farm of Peace.  You will learn from the lives of Sufi masters, study the secrets of the Divine Names and letters, receive deep healing and teachings that allow your heart to open to living a life of greater love with more mercy and peace.


There will be a Sufi healing circle (Dhikr circle) on Thursday evening at 7 PM.  The class takes place on Friday and Saturday from 9:30 AM to 5 PM, and on Sunday from 9:30 AM to 1 PM. This month’s class happens on Feb. 9-12.  Come and taste the beauty of your own heart.


Call the Farm of Peace at 717-573-4722 or contact us for information and to register!


“The Love Salima carries is beyond words! Thank you, thank you, thank you! ” — Halima C

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